The Importance of Macros and VBA in CorelDRAW

May 7, 2012

From time to time I hear a user claim that they have no use for VBA in CorelDRAW. Of course that same user may be using VBA and not even knowing it. This can be especially important for users who choose to buy a version of CorelDRAW that doesn’t include VBA.

First, let’s talk explain Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It is one of the automation technologies included in CorelDRAW. The technology is licensed from Microsoft and Corel has to pay Microsoft for every copy of CorelDRAW that includes VBA. Thus when Corel offers a lower-priced version of CorelDRAW with fewer features, VBA is often one of the features eliminated to save money. Some of the education/home versions of CorelDRAW come without VBA. It could also be left out of an OEM version.

Now back to those uses who claim they don’t need VBA. That claim is made as they buy a version of CorelDRAW without VBA to save money. Then the user gets frustrated when they aren’t able to run a macro essential to their workflow. Or maybe they have an output device whose manufacturer supplied a VBA macro to drive the machine. While users may feel that VBA isn’t a necessity, they often don’t understand that it is something they will use.

For those who don’t feel a need for VBA, you may want to check and make sure if you aren’t already using it. If you truly aren’t using it, you are missing out on one of the most powerful features in CorelDRAW as it allows macro developers to add a wide array of cool tools.

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