Is Creative Cloud the Best Answer For You to Get Adobe Creative Suite Apps?

August 4, 2012

Adobe.comWith the latest release of the Adobe Creative Suite, there are two major ways you can get the products. The traditional method is to order the product(s) of your choice on a DVD. It requires a larger upfront cost and you can use only the applications included in the suite you purchase.

Another option is the Adobe Creative Cloud. You pay a monthly fee for access to any and all of the applications in Adobe Creative Suite 6. This can be handy if you only need to use a specific product for a short period of time or if you simply don’t want to make the upfront investment in the DVD.

Adobe is running a special offer during August 2012 where owners of existing CS products can get a subscription for $29.99/month (40% off). I certainly can’t tell you the best decision for your needs, but this special pricing makes the Adobe Creative Cloud a very attractive option.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am on my 3rd month as a Creative Cloud subscriber, and so far I really like it- the last purchase was CS3.3 Master collection that I bought at a discount when CS4 came out- it was very expensive, but I used most of the programs, so it was the best option. Even at the price I paid for the Master Collection, it would take almost 4 years of what I’m paying in subscription just to pay for the outright purchase- which of course would be highly outdated by that time, so I would have to spend more to stay current. With the subscription plan, I can stay current as part of the membership… so far, a big thumbs up from me.


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