Downloading Fonts, Installing Fonts and Spam Filters

January 17, 2013

I got a call from a loyal reader recently and there were several issues we discussed and I wanted to pass this along to everyone.

The call started with “I’ve sent you three e-mails and I haven’t received an answer so I decided to call.” While there is a very slim possibility that I simply haven’t answered, this usually indicates a completely different problem than ignoring e-mails. I didn’t ask the timeframe the messages were sent, but I’m guessing it was over a period of several days. If I was traveling and had no access to e-mail, it could be that I truly didn’t answer.

But there is no doubt in my mind that it was spam filters that were the true problem. It could be my spam filters ate the incoming messages. While possible, we have them set really slow so no good messages are deleted. I’m pretty sure I did answer the e-mails and it was the reader’s spam filters that ate my replies.

PLEASE whitelist our e-mail addresses so you don’t have messages we send filtered! I discussed this issue and more in E-Mail Facts and Fiction, Problems and Solutions.

Downloading Fonts

Now that we have that covered, we can get to the actual question asked by the reader. The question asked was “How do I download fonts into CorelDRAW?” Let’s clear this one up quickly. There is no such thing as downloading fonts into CorelDRAW, installing fonts into CorelDRAW or anything else related to fonts that is CorelDRAW-specific.

If you install a font (discussed a bit later) into Windows, it shows up in CorelDRAW. One thing I can’t stress enough is that if you want to be good at using CorelDRAW, you must learn basic functions of Windows.

Let’s first talk about downloading fonts to your computer. As we offer you hundreds of free fonts for download at Fonts Unleashed, I will use that as an example. While other sites may have slightly different procedures, many of the steps I describe will apply.

We have recently given the Fonts Unleashed page a major makeover so it is easier for you to choose the fonts you want to download visually. See the example at right for a sample of the new look.

Below each of the thumbnails is an option to add that font to your cart in Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace. Yes, they are absolutely free. When you have finished adding the fonts (and anything else) you want to your cart, you complete the checkout process. If you have added other products with a cost, you will be asked for a payment method. Orders that contain only fonts won’t require a payment.

After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you don’t receive it, see the beginning of this post with the information about spam filtering. Part of that message will be a link to the download page. When you download these files (or any others from the Internet), make sure you note where on your computer they are saved.

The files you download are ZIP files and the fonts are stored inside of the ZIP file. You’ll want to extra the font files to the location of your choice on your computer. For those who don’t know how to unzip files, please read the post Zip Utilities. Windows has built-in functionality to unzip files so no other utility is required.

Installing Fonts

Once you have the fonts unzipped, you can install them in Windows. Again, I want to stress there is no such thing as “installing into CorelDRAW.” If you install a font in Windows, it will appear in CorelDRAW (and other software) automatically.

Those who have CorelDRAW, should seriously consider using Bitstream Font Navigator to manage and install your fonts. There are instructions on the process in The Last Word in Font Management.

I am a big fan of the FontExpert utility for font management and I use it nearly every day. It has a free trial, but you will have to buy a copy if you want to continue using it.

One of the easiest ways to install fonts is simply to right-click on the font file and one of the options in the context menu that appears is Install font. You may also want to read Microsoft’s page titled Install or uninstall fonts for more details.

Want a bunch of fonts at once?

For those who don’t want to download the individual font families as described, you can get more than 100 fonts and other great content on one of our Bonus Content Discs. When you get one of the discs, simply copy all of the folders with font files to wherever you choose to store files on your computer and follow the instructions above for installing the fonts.

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