As a designer, it is important for you to have quality assets available to create the best possible designs for your projects. Today I want to introduce you to a new collection of assets that is specific to CorelDRAW X6.

X6-Content-Pack-Box-LargeThe CorelDRAW X6 Pro Content Pack combines more than 200 CorelDRAW brushes with 100 really cool bitmap texture fills. So why is it only for CorelDRAW X6? Quite simply, some of the brushes are so complex that they simply won’t render in older versions of CorelDRAW. In fact, all of the CorelDRAW Brush Packs Render Faster in CorelDRAW X6.

Along with the cool new brushes are 100 bitmap texture fills sized at 1024×1024 pixels so there is a lot of detail. Most of these are seamless, but not all of them. As they are bitmaps, they are more version independent than the brushes.

Not sure if this collection is for you? You can download a free PDF catalog showing everything included in the collection. Note that the catalog includes bitmap representations of the brushes so the actual quality is higher than you see in the catalog. Once you see everything included, you’ll definitely want to add the CorelDRAW X6 Pro Content Pack to your arsenal of design assets.

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