Do you like free stuff? Of course you do! If you aren’t already familiar with all the cool stuff you can do with the Artistic Media Brushes in the CorelDRAW Brush Packs, I want to make sure you get a chance to try them out. A new pack of sample brushes is available. It includes the ten brushes shown below.


Now you might ask how to get them? How to install them? Even how to use them? You can get these free samples as well as free samples from the first two brush packs on the product page. Along with the samples, you’ll find free video tutorials show you how to install the brush packs and all kinds of cool stuff you can create with them. In total, there are more than four hours of free video tutorials.

And if you think the samples are really cool, I hope you’ll consider purchasing the full CorelDRAW Brush Packs. The three available packs contain more than 1200 total brushes! They will take your arsenal of design tools to a much higher level.

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