What direction is your design going? We have just the arrow to point in the right direction. Need a flowchart for your projects? The symbols in this collection are just what you need. These categories and more are included in Symbols Unleashed Volume 2. All of the 182 files in this collection are provided in three separate formats and they are broken into 5 separate categories: arrows, callouts, diagrams, flowchart and folders. CorelDRAW users will be most interested in the files in CorelDRAW 9 and CorelDRAW X5 formats. The newer files allow for higher-quality thumbnails, color management profiles and more keywords. For Adobe Illustrator users, we supply files in Adobe Illustrator CS format.

Want more details on the Symbols Unleashed Volume 2 collection? Download the free PDF catalog showing large thumbnails of each of the 182 graphics included in the collection. If you are looking for other value-priced clipart, make sure to check out all 24 collections in the Clipart Unleashed family.
Symbols Vector Clipart

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