Uniball pensSomething really horrible happened a couple of days ago. A tool that I use everyday just stopped working. This tool is so important that I keep a second one on my desk and it stopped working on the same day. Oh no, what am I going to do!

That’s right, I’m talking about a ballpoint pen. A tool that most of us use quite often on a regular basis. We probably don’t realize the importance of something as simple as a pen until it stops working.

Now in my case, I knew there was a drawer in the office where we keep a package of new pens. I looked and the package was empty. I finally dug through my trade show goodies until I found a pen that would get the job done until I could do some shopping.

I settled on a pack of colorful uni-ball pens (shown above right). No, they are the least expensive package of pens out there. But they are comfortable and last for a long enough time that I’m shocked when my stockpile has run out. Just a reminder to all of us that sometimes the tools that are some of the most important are ones that we take for granted. Now to find a pad of paper with some empty pages…

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