From time to time it is important to look back at some earlier posts because something important was covered. Today we’re going to look back at three valuable (and free) add-ons for CorelDRAW along with some popular posts from our Facebook page.

First up is the Select Same 2 macro for CorelDRAW. In short, you can select one object in your file and this macro will then select all similar objects in your file. The original post talks about the macro being updated for CorelDRAW X5 and it has also been updated for CorelDRAW X6. Those of you who don’t already have this macro will want to get your free copy.

Next is our Resources Docker which brings our content inside of a Docker in CorelDRAW. Is is a free download for CorelDRAW X4, X5 and X6. Get your copy installed and don’t miss anything important.

The last add-on will only work for CorelDRAW X5 and X6, but it is a huge improvement when editing nodes. To make it work, you either have to hack some registry settings or you can simply download a file for automatically modifying the registry from us. Along with this file is important information for how to also make your nodes larger. Check out Enlarge and Color Code Your Nodes in CorelDRAW X5 for details. Don’t worry, it also applies to CorelDRAW X6.

Facebook doesn’t always show every post to every friend or follower. In fact, it is usually only a small percentage who see every post. So if you missed these posts or you aren’t already a fan of the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page, I wanted to highlight some cool stuff we’ve posted in the last week.

The first post was a photo of some clouds outside our office about a week ago. I was able to catch a photo of the moon hiding behind the clouds. It was really cool having the clouds backlit.

Bobcat HeadWe also had an unusual visitor to our office last week. At right is a head shot of our visitor and we have a full body shot of Bobbi relaxing outside the office. If we hadn’t startled the bobcat, it may have just walked into the office since we had the door wide open to enjoy the nice weather.

Over the weekend, we celebrated two fun “holidays.” Saturday was Star Wars Day. We just had to post an appropriate picture saying May the Fourth Be With You. That was followed by Cinco de Mayo on Sunday and we got a fun picture featuring the beverage of the day.

The last one may just be your favorite. It is a collection of 22 Unbelievable Places. Go through each of these photos as they are absolutely amazing!

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