Xara Designer Pro X9 Now Available

July 13, 2013

Xara Designer Pro 9In the past few months, we’ve provided you the press releases for a variety of new releases from Xara. We have also posted reviews of some of those products and more will come in the near future.

Today I’ve included the press release below for Xara Designer Pro X9 which combines the features of all of the products previously released into a single graphics tool. Read the release below to learn about everything included and follow any of the links provided to download the free trial version to see if Xara Designer Pro X9 is a tool that delivers for you.


Xara is pleased to announce the release of their flagship program, Xara Designer Pro X9, the ultimate all-in-one creative tool that provides all the tools for a range of graphic design tasks that would normally require three or more separate ‘suite’ programs: illustration, photo editing, advanced page layout (Desktop Publishing), web graphics, websites and more.

By combining all the photo, graphics, page layout and web design tools in one program, Xara Designer Pro X9 achieves a smaller memory footprint, faster performance, no program switching and reduced hardware requirements. This also has the advantage of an easier learning curve, high productivity and excellent value for money.

Xara Designer Pro X9 key features:

  • Combines the full functionality of the suite of Xara creative tools:
    • Web Designer 9 Premium for website creation and rapid website prototyping
    • Photo & Graphics Designer 9 for vector illustration and photo editing
    • Page & Layout Designer for printed documents, PDF and Xara’s unique ‘DTP for the web’ document publishing
  • Includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for large memory configurations
  • Google font integration of 600+ fonts suitable for print, PDF and websites
  • Automatic image optimization for Retina or very hi-res displays on modern phones & tablets
  • Produces HTML 5 / CSS3 compatible websites
  • Advanced photo healing brush with content aware scale and zoom and color select and erase
  • Significant new page layout tools
  • ‘DTP for the Web’. Pioneering production of precisely accurate ‘brochure style’ documents for the web, without using PDF
  • Hand-tuned assembly-language rendering engine for ultra-fast and responsive working environment
  • One program resulting in a smaller memory footprint, faster performance and reduced hardware requirements

Xara Designer Pro X9 is the world’s highest performing graphics software with speeds enabling more complex and realistic graphics to be created more easily and in less time. It also supports multiple processors for even faster performance, and provides tools that might typically be required by professional designers such as PANTONE®, CMYK, color separations and PDF/X.

Charles Moir, founder of Xara, said:

“We take the view that the production of a creative document, whether it be printed, PDF or a website, is far more productive coming from a single program than separate ones. Why switch tool just because you want to create or edit some illustration on the page, or enhance a photo. Better that these are done in-situ on the page than out of context. Xara has always been renowned as being fast. By combining the suite of tools into one program, the result is not just lightning fast, but requires a fraction of the memory and PC power of other suites.”

“This latest version of Xara Designer Pro X9 is a large step forward on all fronts. With significantly enhanced page layout (DTP) features, enhanced vector and photo tools and significantly more capable website creation features, and the unique ‘DTP for the web’ abilities, Xara Designer Pro X9 is the best, most powerful Designer tool we have ever created.”

Xara Designer Pro X9 costs just $299 for US customers, £249 for UK (inc VAT) and €279 (inc VAT) for the EU. Upgrades are available from $99, £79 and €89. There are also ‘welcome’ discounts for Adobe® customers who are looking for a subscription-free alternative to Creative Cloud.

It operates on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and requires a minimum 500MB of RAM and 300MB of hard disc space.

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