Xara Releases New Product – Page & Layout Designer

July 6, 2013

Xara Page & Layout DesignerThe folks at Xara have released a new product to the Designer family. Xara Page & Layout Designer is an affordable tool for doing page layout tasks. As such it should be compared against a product like Microsoft Publisher and you can download a free trial version to compare for yourself. I have included the press release from Xara below and I will follow up with a review in the near future.


Xara are pleased to announce the launch of a new DTP product adding to their highly successful Xara Designer range. Xara Page & Layout Designer is a general purpose ‘document processor’. Everything needed to produce printed and PDF documents is included in this one single program – word processor, graphic design and photo editing.

Xara Page & Layout Designer is the perfect solution for creating a wide range of marketing materials to professionally present an individual, a business or organisation. It is ideal for creating brochures, product guides, flyers, reports, company stationary, posters etc to be printed or as PDFs

With Xara Page & Layout Designer it’s easy to create documents and marketing materials either by customizing one of the royalty-free templates from the wide range on offer or by creating your own from scratch. There are 3000+ graphics available for you to add additional impact. Templates provide impressive results quickly and easily with no graphic or technical skills required.

Xara Page & Layout Designer provides comprehensive text handling tools

  • Text Styles
  • Multi-column support
  • Google Fonts integration (600+ fonts, with advanced font picker an automatic download and install)
  • Headers & footers, repeating objects, page numbering styles
  • Word processor-like text flow with automatic page creation for easy long document handling
  • Multi-language spell checkers
  • Automatic repel text around irregular shapes or images

Other key features include:

  • Comprehensive vector drawing tools
  • Incredible 72,000 dpi working resolution
  • Fast and powerful photo editing
  • CMYK, PANTONE® colour support
  • Fast, high quality PDF and PDF/X support
  • A huge range of import and export types including Word .docx support

DTP for the Web – Most ‘designer created’ documents are disseminated via the web, typically as PDFs because traditionally that’s the only way to ensure accurate fidelity of design. Xara Page & Layout Designer contains a direct and unique way to publish any document to the web, with full fidelity that they’re calling ‘Web Documents’.

Web Documents are multi-page documents, where the designer has total freedom of design in a similar manner to a print document created with DTP or page layout software. Xara Page & Layout Designer enable the designer to include all the things typically regarded as difficult, if not impossible, on the web (multi-column layouts, text repel around irregular shapes, a free mix of vector illustration, text and photos, and precisely accurate fonts and text layouts). Documents created are fully HTML compatible and fully WYSIWYG.

Charles Moir, Founder and Managing Director of Xara said, “For the first time designers can use page layout software with all the usual ‘design for print’ freedoms, but with the ability to publish these as totally accurate WYSIWYG web documents. No PDFs or plug-ins are required and its fully compatible with modern browsers including phones and tablets. Smartphone or tablet users can quickly swipe through a whole multi-page document, with design as complex as any print layout. No longer it is necessary to use one program for producing brochures or DTP material and then have all this design work re-created and re-purposed for the web. Xara brings DTP to the web without using PDFs.”

Xara Page & Layout Designer is part of the Xara Designer family and, as such, there’s an upgrade path to Xara Designer Pro where users can use the same files, designs, documents and artwork to produce websites.

Xara Page & Layout Designer costs just $89.99 with an introductory offer of $20 off. It operates on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and requires a minimum 500MB of RAM and 300MB of hard disc space.

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