Space Invaders Reinvented as Camera Invaders

September 3, 2013

Camera InvadersI hope all of you had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend including fun times with friends and family. I thought I would extend the fun one more day. Given the demographic of this blog, I’m sure many of you remember the classic video game Space Invaders. It has been reinvented as Camera Invaders (see small screenshot at right) and I’ve embedded a playable version below. Note that I don’t think it will be playable for those who receive the blog via e-mail, so you’ll have to visit this page on the Web to play along.

In this flavor of the game, you are shooting from DIY Photography’s Light Blaster. Aliens have been replaced by a variety of DSLRs and rangefinders. Shields have been replaced by parabolic umbrellas. To play, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your LightBlaster left and right and the spacebar to shoot. Most likely an entire game will take less than 2-3 minutes to play. So take a short break and have some fun!

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