Cave Creek Art Show Sells With Square Credit Card Reader

December 2, 2013

Square Credit Card ReaderThere is an art show each year in Cave Creek that takes place the weekends before and after Thanksgiving. Many of the artists involved are very small businesses and often create the art in their spare time for fun and the hopes of making a few dollars.

Typically 2-3 artists set up displays in a private home and there are many locations scattered throughout the area. This year’s show featured 46 different locations. I enjoy going to some of the locations to see the wide variety of art being created and to touch base with some of my friends who are exhibiting.

I noticed something different this year and decided to discuss it with one of my artist friends. It sure looked as if all of the artists were using a Square Card Reader to process credit cards where years past relied on cash and checks for the most part. Yes, they were all using the Square and not similar gadgets available from other providers.

In short, you can plug the Square into a smartphone or tablet and use it to swipe credit cards. Software on the phone/tablet behaves like a cash register and can even e-mail a receipt to the purchase if they so desire. Those of you with a small business likely have some way to process credit cards in your office and you can continue using that method if you choose. The Square gives you an easy way to process credit cards whenever you are out and about. For those of you who bill for your time, it can also be a quick way to get paid at the end of your client visit.

I’ll certainly be using my Square more in 2014 as I’m planning to have products available at several trade shows (more info on this as the shows get closer). It is just an amazing device that makes transactions so much easier than the old ways. If you don’t already have one, you can get one for free just be requesting it. I hope you find it as useful as my artist friends!

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