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PhotoZoom Makes Enlarging Photos Better Than Just Resampling

A client contacted me a few days ago and they needed a photo sized to an exact size. The file I was provided was 448×389 pixels. It needed to be 1600×1600 pixels. It was going to be tough to get good results with such a poor original.

Let’s first talk about the original and how it got badly degraded before I received it. Then we’ll talk about how the PhotoZoom plug-in was able to save the day.

The original version of the photo was shot on an iPhone. It shoots photos at 5 megapixels (2592×1936 pixels). Unfortunately the original was then sent to my client via text. Sending the full photo via text would eat up a lot of data, so most photos downsample images before including them in a text (SMS) message. Thus the very low resolution photo provided to me. Before my client realized this loss of quality, the original had been deleted from the iPhone.

Given that this was a planned promotional photo, it shouldn’t have been taken with any phone. The problem was compounded when the original was deleted. Unfortunately all the damage was done so now it is time to try and fix the photo and that’s where we’ll use the PhotoZoom plug-in.

For those of you using Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the PhotoZoom plug-in has been included with the last few versions. It is not the latest version, but it still can do a good job. You’ll find it under File | File Format Plug-Ins | Export and it will probably be the only thing listed there. Below is the original photo loaded into PhotoZoom.
Photozoom Resample Plugin
I made the photo slightly larger than 1600 pixels so I’d have the ability to crop it down a few pixels for the final image. I encourage you all to explore the various Resize methods and Presets available to find the selections that work best for your images. There is not one setting that works for every file so it is important to explore each of them on your files.

For those who don’t have a copy of Corel PHOTO-PAINT with PhotoZoom included or you simply want the latest version of the plug-in, you can get a trial or purchase on the BenVista Web site. As you can see, Corel supplies v2.x of the plug-in and the latest version is v5.0 so you’ll find it has more features and it performs faster. Is it worth the cost of upgrading? Only you can decide that. For this particular project, it made my client very happy!

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Foster D. Coburn III is the author of thirteen books on CorelDRAW, the latest being CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed. He has been a contributor to numerous magazines. Foster has taken many projects, including this Web site and many more, from the early design stage through to a finished piece. He has been a featured speaker at many graphics and Web conferences.

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