Your Big Social Moment Could Happen Anytime, Are You Ready?

March 8, 2014

Harrison Ford Gets PizzaLast Sunday night Edgar Martirosyan got a call to Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizza to deliver three large pizzas to a location just about a mile from his shop. He didn’t realize that he would be serving slices of that pizza to the biggest stars in Hollywood while a worldwide television audience watched.

Not too long after the famous delivery, the LA-based pizza chain of which Edgar is a location owner had posted pictures on their Web site. Big chains such as Pizza Hut had gotten on Twitter after Oscars host Ellen suggested ordering pizza. But it was the local chain that got the call.

Later in the show Ellen passed the hat that Pharrell had made famous at the Grammy Awards. Fast food chain Arby’s was quick to get on Twitter to point out a similarity to the hat in their logo.

Arby’s did get their hat back as they recently purchased it at a charity auction.

About a month ago, I told you how JC Penney had won the day on social media for their mitten tweets during the Super Bowl.

These are just a few examples of how very large companies and a small pizza chain have gotten social media wins by acting quickly. If a big opportunity comes your way, will you be ready to take full advantage of that opportunity on social media?

To start, you need to have accounts on Facebook and Twitter at the very least. Yes, it is important to build up a good number of fans and followers. Even if your fan/follower count is low, it can be amplified greatly should opportunity knock since just one person can push it in front of huge numbers if they see it. Some of you will say that social media isn’t for you and keep your head buried in the sand. Others will embrace it and be ready when opportunity knocks.

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