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May 13, 2014

Last week I told you that Major Elements of Graphics Unleashed Web Site Get Design Refresh and the biggest changes were made to the Graphics Unleashed Shopping Cart. Now when you think shopping, you probably immediately think you have to spend money. Keep in mind that we have hundreds of products that are completely free. Just so someone doesn’t get all caught up in semantics, you do have to create an account and I’m sure someone out there will call that a cost.

Of course we would like you to not only enjoy the free products offered but also to purchase some of the other products. We are a business and it is purchases that allow us to continue offering all products…even the free ones.

Creating An Account

Everything starts with having an account and you can set one up in only a couple of minutes. It is free to set up an account and you will not be asked for any type of payment information until you order a product with a cost. You’ll need to choose a username and password along with providing name, address, e-mail and phone. Let me make this crystal clear: we do not sell (or provide) this information to anyone outside of our office. We don’t send junk mail or any other mail unless there is something that we need to ship to you or something else you’ve requested. Your e-mail is how we can communicate with you about the items you’ve ordered, including the free items. We know you are concerned with the privacy of your information and we respect that privacy.

If you receive our blog posts or our newsletter via e-mail, this does not necessarily mean you have an account in the Graphics Unleashed Shopping Cart. Many of you do, but we also know that many of you do not have an account. Go ahead and create one now.

Managing Your Account

Some of you know for sure you have an account and probably access it regularly. Others may not have accessed it for a long time. Could you all do me a favor and look at My Account now to make sure all information is accurate? Did your e-mail change? Did you move to a new address? Have you gotten a different phone number? Update things now before you forget about it.

If you aren’t already logged in, the first thing you’ll be asked is to login with a screen like the one shown below (it is a screen shot so you can’t login here).

Just fill in your username and your password. I’d suggest you also check the “Remember my login credentials for next time” if you are using your own computer. That will save you from having to login each time you visit. Then click the Login button.

Some of you may have forgotten either your username or your password. Below the Login button are links that will remind you of that information. If you have forgotten your password, a new password will be automatically assigned and it likely won’t be easy to remember off the top of your head. You can either change it back to something you can remember or use a utility like Roboform to help you remember it. Please, please, please do not e-mail or call and ask us for your password. For your security, we have no way to access it.

Once you get logged in and go to the My Account page, you’ll see several things you can do as you can see in the screen shot at right. For all of you that think you have a password that you can’t remember, click the Change Password link and you can change it to whatever you like. For the sake of your security, please make it a good password and not something that anyone could guess.

Clicking My Details will allow you to see the contact information you’ve provided and update it. If nothing else, double-check and make sure everything is accurate. I’m shocked at how many people get their own e-mail address wrong! No, these are not the people entering profane e-mail addresses, these addresses are clearly spelled wrong. When you provide the wrong e-mail, it makes it very difficult for us to get you the product you want (even the free stuff).

If you have placed orders (even free stuff), you’ll find all of them in your Order history. That is also the page where you will download any of the products that are downloadable products.

Lastly, some will ask why an account is even required. As you see, the shopping cart keeps tracks of all of your orders for you. If there is no account, there is no way to manage your orders.

Paying For Orders

Yes, there are hundreds of free products. There are also thousands of products that have a cost and we try to provide as many payment methods as possible so there is an easy way for you to pay for your orders.

There are two different options where you can pay via credit card. The first method involves us processing your card in our office. A human does it, not a computer. So there is a slight delay from the time you complete your order until we have processed the payment. During business hours this is typically measured in minutes. Orders outside of business hours can take a bit longer as we don’t have someone sitting at the computer around the clock. Hey, we like to have a little fun in our lives.

The other option for credit cards is PayPal. You are not required to have a PayPal account. PayPal does all the credit card processing and typically your payment is cleared within a minute or two. The exception would be an “echeck” where you fund the payment with your bank account. Often these take 3-4 business days for PayPal to notify us it has cleared.

Of course if you have a PayPal account and have funds in your account, those funds can be used to pay for your order and will clear in only a minute or two.

Some of you feel more comfortable paying with a check, money order or even providing your credit card over the phone. All of those are possible using the last payment option we provide. If you choose to pay by check or money order, it will delay your order as we have to wait for your payment to be mailed to us. Those who select to have us call for credit card information will get a call soon after you place your order.

Once the payment has cleared, we have to process the order. For shipped products, this obviously involves preparing the shipment to you. We want to do this as soon as possible and try to get orders out the door in less than one business day. Rarely does it take longer. Orders placed before noon almost always go out the same day.

Even downloads require us to process the order and this happens as soon as we see the order. For security reasons, a human has to process the order. So while you can’t download it immediately after clicking Place Order, it won’t take long if you order during our business hours. My guess is that we average 10-15 minutes in processing these orders. Outside of business hours may take a bit longer, but rarely would it take even a full day and that includes weekends and holidays!

In Closing

I had compiled a list of the most common questions we receive in relation to the Graphics Unleashed Shopping Cart and I hope I’ve answered any of the questions you might have had. If you’ve never ordered anything (even free stuff), I hope you’ll give it a try. For those who have only ordered free stuff, I hope we’ve provided enough value to you that you will consider purchasing something even if it is a small amount of money. If you haven’t visited in a long time, please visit again as I hope you like the redesign.

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