Logitech C920 HD Pro 1080p WebcamThanks to faster Internet connections and more software integration, video calls are becoming increasingly popular. While that may be the most productive use of a Webcam, I’m sure they are also quite popular for shooting selfies.

If you don’t have a Webcam or your current Webcam is in need of an upgrade, the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 is a runaway bestseller. It works great with Skype and also on the various messaging services like Yahoo Messenger and Gmail Voice.

It can broadcast up to 1080p video if you have a robust enough Internet connection. In many situations, lower resolutions are just fine. Before you think a Webcam is just for personal calls, they are also very useful for video conferencing and can replace systems that cost more than $100,000 just a few years ago. Not bad for a Webcam that currently sells for $67.99!

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