Scary Clouds, Sunset Reflection and Facebook Reach

August 7, 2014

Today I want to share some fun photos with you, but I also want to give you a little bit of information on the reach of Facebook posts and an easy way you can help posts expand their visibility.

Let’s start out with a couple of photos from monsoon storms that recently came through Arizona. For those of you are aren’t familiar, our office is located in a desert just outside of Phoenix. We don’t get much rain and it is not uncommon to go months without any rain. From July through September of each year we typically have a few really big storms that we call monsoons. When it rains, it really rains! Sometimes we get clouds, thunder and lightning without getting any rain.

I took pictures out the back of our office on Saturday and out on the front on Sunday to show the black clouds that were heading our way. The second shot was also mixed with a setting sun. For those of you reading via e-mail, you’ll need to read the post on the Web to see the embedded photos.

Loyal readers know I love to take sunset photos. When I was in Mexico last month, I looked up and saw an amazing sunset reflection off the windows of a local cantina. What do you think of this sunset reflection? Please click Like or leave a comment with your thoughts.

Now let’s talk about Facebook reach. When something is posted on Facebook, not every friend (or fan for business pages) will see every post. In fact, it is considered pretty good if even 2% of fans of a business page see a particular post. So if a business page has 1000 fans (likes), then only 20 people would see a typical post. That’s awful!

Of course there are ways for posts to be seen by more people. When someone likes, comments or shares a post then Facebook will make the assumption that more people want to see it. So if you want to help a business (or even a friend) expand their reach, then start interacting with their Facebook posts.

Let’s look at a specific example for a page with a fairly small number of fans. The reason I went to Mexico was to do some work on a rental home. That home has its own Facebook page with only 88 fans (as of this writing). With the 2% rule applied, the page would be lucky to have even 2 people see each post. The reality is that recent posts have averaged a reach of around 20 people. That’s definitely much better than normal.

Some of you are probably asking how I know the number of people who see a post. Facebook business pages show exactly how many people are reached by each post to the administrator of the page. This information is not available for personal pages.

After I returned from Mexico, I posted a new picture of the upstairs patio on the Facebook page and it got much better reach than previous posts. Why? As of this writing, five people had shared this post to their personal page. When the shared post is seen on those friends’ page, it adds to the reach for the post. It also got several Likes and Comments. So even though the page only has 88 fans (currently), this post has been seen by 472 people (and growing).

Now do you understand how the simple act of Liking, Commenting and Sharing posts can be helpful? It doesn’t cost you a penny to help your favorite small businesses by interacting with their posts on Facebook. If you don’t feel you can afford to purchase any products or services from Graphics Unleashed, could you give us a few seconds of time every now and then and interact with the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page?

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