Mailbag Discusses Forgetfulness, Download Info, Seamless Textures and More

September 11, 2014

It seems that my mailbag (OK, e-mail inbox) is always full of questions. Some of the questions are asked on a very regular basis. In nearly every case, the solution has been covered in a previous blog post. Today I wanted to go over those common questions and again provide the links to the solutions.

Forgotten Login Credentials and Serial Numbers

One question that always makes me shake my head a little and that is users are constantly forgetting login credentials or the serial numbers for a product. In almost every case, this information was originally provided to the user in an e-mail very clearly labeled with “save this information”. If you can’t remember your own information, how can you expect me to save the information for thousands of users?

I want to refer you all to the Choosing Strong Passwords and Remembering Them Easily post. If are you not choosing strong passwords, it is quite likely your account will get hacked. And if you do choose strong passwords, nobody is able to remember them. That’s why you should all have a utility like Roboform that remembers them for you! I can only guess that most people would rather constantly forget login credentials or use unsecure passwords than spending a few dollars on an invaluable utility. I’ve been using Roboform for many years now and it does a great job of remembering my login credentials for hundreds of Web sites.

This forgetfulness extends to downloaded software and serial numbers. For that, please read Store Downloaded Software and Serial Numbers in a Safe Place. It really isn’t that difficult to put everything in a location that is backed up regularly using a tool like GoodSync. This is something I’ve done for years and I always know where to go to get the software or serial number I need. Storing the software in a safe place and making note of serial numbers costs you nothing but a little time. GoodSync does have a small cost which is very worthwhile if you know your data is safely and regularly backed up.

Seamless Textures

I got a phone call from a loyal reader last week who wondered if we might have some wood fills for use in a project. Of course we do! We have more than 1900 Seamless Textures in our Textures Unleashed collections. They include collections of  Wood | Metal | Stone | Terrain | Fire & Ice | Ground & Plants | Floor, Wall & Bricks | Fiber | Tile & Path | Marble | Crystals | Tech | Metal II | Diamond Plate | Circuits. You can download a PDF catalog for every collection for free and save it on your computer for future reference. Of course you should just purchase a few of the collections and put them to use immediately in your projects!

Can You Help Me?

Quite often I’ll get an e-mail or call from a loyal reader asking if I can help them with this one little thing. Rarely is it truly one thing and it typically isn’t that little. Yet in almost every case, I’m asked to provide my time and assistance for free. I’d love to help you, but I have to ask you to respect that my time, like yours, is valuable. There is no outside entity paying me to help you. I make small blocks of my time available to you at a reasonable price. So if you’d like my help, all you have to do is purchase a small block of my time.

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