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Linksys AC2400 4X4 Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router Has Speed and Strong Signal

For many of us, our connection to the Internet goes through a wireless router. It could be your laptop, a tablet, a smartphone or even some other device using that wireless connection. Heck, even desktop computers can use WiFi if a wired connection isn’t readily available.

There are a number of reasons to update your wireless router every few years. Often, routers run very hot and they are typically running all day every day. This heat just plain wears them out over time. You’ll also find the technology is constantly being updated with new protocols that allow for faster speeds, a new spectrum or some other improvement.

Having good security is also important so that it is relatively easy for the “good guys” to connect while making it nearly impossible for the “bad guys” to connect. How many times has someone come to your home or office and asked how to connect to your WiFi? I know it happens for me several times a year. Yet I don’t want someone sitting across the street from my house stealing my signal or even wreaking havoc on my network. Each new iteration of router makes improvements to security that allow for ease-of-use while still providing good protection.

All of this leads to a new router that brings a lot of power. The Linksys AC2400 router has four separate antennae that allow you to increase the speed by combining multiple signals. Of course it also supports the latest WiFi protocols build for more speed. Having four antennae allow allow you to aim in four different directions so that you get a strong signal everywhere in your house or office.

For those who need wired connections, there are four gigabyte ports on the back of the router along with USB and eSATA ports. If there is a downside to the Linksys AC2400, it would be the approximately $250 price tag. All of the power comes at a cost. For those of you that need to replace a router soon, you should seriously consider a little extra cost to get the speed and security you’ll find in the latest Linksys offering. Consider a five-year life span and you’re only spending $50 a year!
Linksys AC2400 4X4 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

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