As part of yesterday’s blog, I told you that we are working on more projects with clients to help them with their presence on the Web. Those of you who read a little deeper found that we are using WordPress as part of our Web site building projects. It can make many tasks easier, though it can be extremely frustrating when trying to resolve a problem.

Last week brought a problem that was a real head scratcher. Adding features to a WordPress site can be as simple as installing a plug-in. Some plug-ins are free and others have a cost. To add a store to a site, WooCommerce is a popular solution because the base product is free. Of course there are numerous ways to add more power by purchasing add-ons.

If you have a store on a site, you want pictures of the products, right? Well for some odd reason we were not able to add a primary picture for products. After going to Google and searching for answers, I found the part of the interface to add the pictures was just flat-out missing. Some of the articles provided suggested solutions though I couldn’t find a solution that was relevant to this specific situation.

The other aspect of WordPress that makes it popular is the ability to install a “theme” to control the overall look of the site. Some themes are free and some have a cost. Often we will look at Themeforest as they have a wide variety of WordPress themes from independent authors. As part of the research on this specific problem, I contacted the author of the theme used on the site and was informed a fix to our problem was included in a newer version of the theme.

Installing theme updates isn’t always as easy as I would like it to be. Yet another one of the frustrations that can be experienced with using WordPress. There are various ways to update a theme and each has its pros and cons. I found the easiest solution was to install another plug-in geared towards a quick method to update themes. This plug-in made it easy to update the theme to the updated version with the product image fix. After the fix, the “set featured image” option was available in the WooCommerce interface (shown above right) so we could add the primary picture to a product. Woo hoo, problem solved!

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