How to Stop Facebook Game Requests

December 2, 2014

Facebook Settings to Block Game RequestsAmong Facebook users, there are two distinct groups of users: those who play games and those who detest being bombarded with game requests. If you are one who hates the game requests, I’ll show you the steps to make them stop.

First you need to understand something about Facebook’s motivation. They derive some revenue from games and you don’t pay to use Facebook. Therefore they are not simply going to provide an on/off switch for game requests. I covered this in Would You Pay to Use Facebook? I personally would consider a small annual fee if features such as blocking all games were an option.

OK, now that we have that caveat covered, let’s get to the steps of blocking the game requests. When you are on the Facebook site (I’m assuming you do this in a Web browser and not the mobile apps), look in the upper right corner for the down arrow. Click on that arrow to get the drop-down menu (shown at right) and choose the Settings option I’ve highlighted. Note that you may not have the first couple of options I show here if you are not the administrator of any Facebook pages.

Facebook Blocking of Game RequestsOnce you have selected Settings from the menu, you’ll be on a page with lots of things you can do. On the left side of the page are a list of categories. One of those categories is “Blocking” as highlighted in the screen shot at left. Click on Blocking to get to the page where you can banish the game requests!

Now you are on the page where all blocking takes place. There are various sections available and we want the section labeled Block Apps as shown in the screen shot below. You have to type the name of the app (game) in the box provided. As you start typing, all apps (games) with the letters you have typed will be shown. Next to the name it will also show how many people play that game (or use the app). The bigger the number, the more likely you have been annoyed by requests. If you look at my screen shot, you’ll see just a few of the apps I have personally blocked.

Block Facebook Games and Apps

Let’s say that your initial goal is to block “FarmVille”. As you are typing the name, you also notice that there are a huge number of people playing “FarmVille 2”. I would block both so there is no chance of being bothered by requests for either of them. My entire list is quite long as I immediately go in and block anything new as soon as possible. Thanks to my aggressive blocking of games (and a few other apps), I only get a new request about once a month. Get in there are start blocking now and soon you will be able to use Facebook without all those annoying requests filling up your News Feed.

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  1. Anonymous

    I play one game in FB and I’m irritated on all front to send, compete to announce, constantly, from within the game. It’s dizzying. I try with all my might to catch and stop the game from sending, but it takes so much time. And, FB does everything they can to trip you up so that you will send. Blasting my friends with these ads and announcements is the LAST thing I want to do. If you know how to stop with assurance, from a players perspective, that would help. My speculation is that it can’t be done. Thanks if you have more insight.

  2. Foster D. Coburn III

    As one who has never played a game on Facebook, I have no experience on what the games try to do to send requests. Since games/Facebook make more money when more people play the game, I’m sure they will do everything possible to get the requests out. Probably the only one to prevent a game from sending requests is simply to not play it.

  3. Anonymous

    If you get a game request, all you have to do is click the little down arrow in the top right of the request box and click turn off notifications. It will ask do you want to stop all notifications from XXX (Farmville or whatever). Click yes and it’s done. No more requests. Also works if you are getting ads from whatever company in your news feed. Same procedure and you won’t get any more from that company.


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