When I wrote Detailed Notes From CorelDRAW Seminars in Las Vegas Are Available, I got a question about how well the books I’ve written apply to CorelDRAW X7. This is also a question that I also get via telephone and e-mail. Obviously features added in CorelDRAW X7 are not covered. The biggest difference can be that menu items have moved around a bit.

That’s when Tony Severenuk from Corel contacted me and said “To add to what Foster said, when you start X7 the first process will be to select a workspace. If you want it to be easier to follow along his material, select the Classic Workspace and then all menu items will be in the same location as listed in his material.”

If you’ve already started CorelDRAW X7 the first time, you can always select the Classic Workspace at any time. Just go to Tools | Options (Ctrl + J) and choose Classic as highlighted in the screen shot below.

CorelDRAW X7 Classic Workspace

For those who wonder about me writing a book on CorelDRAW X7 or any future version, I would ask that you read One Door Is Closing, Another to Be Opened as I explained my answer in detail. If you just want the short answer, I won’t be writing any more books on CorelDRAW.

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