System Mechanic® 14.5 Delivers New Ways to Accelerate Internet Speed

February 21, 2015

iolo System Mechanic® - Fix, Speed Up Your PCA few months back I wrote iolo System Mechanic 14 Professional Revisited to share my experiences with the latest version of the system maintenance software. As part of purchasing the software, you receive one year of updates included. A new version, System Mechanic 14.5 Pro was just released and I’ve gotten it installed on my machine already.

Since my time with the new version is very limited, I don’t have a lot of personal experiences to share right now. I noticed the new version wanted to help me eliminate some of the software than runs automatically when I start my computer. It showed me a list of each startup program, a description of what it does and the impact it has on my computer speed. Most of this stuff isn’t important at all and I eliminated at least 15 programs that were taking my time and using memory on the computer.

Below is a link to a special coupon code that allows you to get System Mechanic 14.5 or System Mechanic 14.5 Pro at a deep discount. I’ve also included the press release for the new version so you can read all about the new features included.

Get 50% off System Mechanic, or go Pro for just $5 more i.e. $29.95. [Save $40!]

System Mechanic® 14.5 Delivers New Ways to Accelerate Internet Speed

New version speeds up online streaming and gaming with next-gen NetBooster® automated Internet optimization

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) January 29, 2015

iolo technologies, recognized globally as the leading source for innovative computer optimization solutions, today unveiled System Mechanic 14.5, the newest version of its flagship PC performance optimization software. System Mechanic 14.5 deploys re-engineered versions of the fan favorite NetBooster® feature that has been proven by iolo Labs to boost Internet download speeds by up to 30 percent.

Exclusive to System Mechanic, NetBooster® automatically optimizes Internet settings and connections to improve overall Internet speed. Understanding that Internet speed is one of the most crucial factors in any PC user’s computing experience, iolo re-tooled NetBooster® to maximize performance in the modern Internet landscape.

NetBooster® achieves optimal Internet speed by allowing users to adjust several hidden TCP/IP settings automatically or manually. Another NetBooster optimization tests a user’s current DNS server speed versus other available DNS servers and recommends the faster one. These adjustments also increase bit rate and resolution of videos when streaming and reduce latency in online games that are TCP bound.

“Through exhaustive testing in iolo Labs, we were able to isolate and adjust key hidden Windows network settings that ultimately led to sizably faster download benchmarks on CNET, AT&T and Speedtest’s Internet benchmarking tests,” said Dennis Bottrell, iolo’s Executive Director of Engineering. “That along with our new DNS optimization makes for a highly promising Internet accelerator.”

System Mechanic 14.5 also introduces a number of other new features and improvements, including:

More Processor Control – PowerSense technology dynamically adjusts the computer’s processor cores and speed based on user needs, and has been updated with:

  • Quick Controls – Easy-access system tray buttons for manually switching PowerSense Modes right from the desktop.
  • Customize Your Own – The built-in PowerSense Modes are designed specifically for video and music editing, gaming, graphic design and other common activities that demand different degrees of system speed and stamina. Now, PC users can create new, customized versions of these modes.

Early Warning System for Hard Drive Failure – DriveSense helps PC users avoid catastrophic crashes with diagnostics that automatically alert users when a hard drive failure is imminent so they can better protect data.

Re-engineered Deep Memory Mode: Re-architected for System Mechanic 14.5, Memory Mechanic® deep cleaning mode returns with improved RAM optimization.

Fully Integrated LiveBoost – System Mechanic’s command center for real-time processor, memory and hard drive performance-boosting is now smartly integrated into the main System Mechanic interface, with streamlined status reporting and new Windows system tray quick controls.

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  1. Peter Hobbs

    I, too, am using System Mechanic Pro 14.5, and have been using the program for over 8 years now. My question is about that program’s antivirus effectiveness. I have not been using ZoneAlarm or other separate antivirus programs, and have been relying on the antivirus capabilities that exist within System Mechanic Pro 14.5. In an earlier post, I recall that you touted the benefits of ZoneAlarm. Do you run both ZoneAlarm and System Mechanic Pro concurrently? If so, does this give you any problems?
    Peter Hobbs

  2. Foster D. Coburn III

    I’m not aware of any anti-virus capabilities in System Mechanic Pro 14.5. Maybe it is there and I’ve just not seen it. I do run Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite and SM Pro concurrently and there are no issues at all.


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