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Product Name Often Describes Delivery Method

We’ve had a few e-mails lately from customers who have purchased a downloadable tutorial. They were frustrated that several weeks had passed and they’d not yet received a package shipped to them. This makes me as frustrated as the customer since the product seemed to be labeled quite clearly as a download. Sometimes the opposite happens when someone tries to download a product that will be shipped to them.

For many products, we put either the word “Download” or “DVD” in the product name to help clarify how it is delivered. So if in doubt, just look at the name and the answer may be there.

The other area of confusion is knowing where the product was purchased. We do have multiple Web sites where products can be purchased. Some products are available on more than one site, others are only available on a specific site. So if you are not finding record of your order, you may be looking on the wrong site. Simply look at the invoice and it will tell you the site where it was purchased.

We also had a customer recently who was quite upset that we had yet to provide information on their purchase and even more upset that we only provided a phone number in Germany on our Web site. While it is a product we sell, it was clear this person had purchased from a different reseller but contacted us about the purchase.

So when you purchase something from one of our sites or any other site, look carefully and it is usually obvious how the product is delivered and the vendor from whom you purchased.


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