One Day Lifetime Update Sale on System Mechanic Pro

August 29, 2015

In the last year, I’ve written a few times about System Mechanic Pro. If you want to read the previous posts, I’ve included links below.

The folks at iolo have a very special offer that is only good today (August 29, 2015). Typically you have to purchase each year of updates and they are offering a lifetime of updates for one price. The full details of the offer are listed below.

Coupon Deal: Get a lifetime of System Mechanic updates for only $75! [Limited time 24 hour promotion, new customers only].
Coupon Code: LIFETIME
Valid From: 12:00 AM PST August 29, 2015
Valid To: 11:59 PM PST August 29, 2015
Available Geos: US, UK and Australia
Restrictions: New customers only.

Get a lifetime of System Mechanic updates for only $75! [Limited time 24 hour promotion, new customers only].


Post Discussion


  1. Godfrey Farrugia

    Most probably you are not aware of Iolo’s offer of a Lifetime subscription for System Mechanic. Well, I paid for this Lifetime subscription in March 2015 and everything was working fine until some weeks ago when I started being asked to re-activate and pay for a new subscription! I emailed Iolo and Avangate (through whom I had paid for my subscription) several times to enquire about this anomaly but I never got any response. Obviously, they got my emails but for some obscure reason they cannot respond! I think it’s only fair that your reviews mention this ploy on Iolo’s part so that your readers are cautioned. If I knew whom I could contcat to obtain a remedy for my plight, I would do it. I can also provide all the necessary details of my Lifetime subscription. Do you think you can help me? Thanks and regards

    • Foster D. Coburn III

      You are responding to a blog post from three years ago. Any year when Black Friday rolls out we try to pass along some of the best deals. We provide information. Each individual company is responsible for honoring their deals. Unfortunately we have no control of what they do. Our only suggestion is to keep contacting them until you can get a good answer.

  2. Godfrey Farrugia

    I agree with what you said and I realize that you have no control on what suppliers do or whether they honour their obligations, of course. But 2 things I wanted to point out in my original submission which you might have missed, i.e. (1) don’t you think that you have too an obligation toward your readers to tell them the whole story so that they won;t be deceived; all you can do to verify what I said is to browse other reviews for Iolo and see for yourself whether they honour what they promise; then you reveal your findings to your readers and let them decide (2) due to your contacts in the IT and legal world, do you know if there is any manner of recourse for me to rectify my unfair anomaly? What you suggest, to keep emailing them, has already been done and proved useless. It is obvious why they do not care to reply … what can they say when they know they’re in the wrong? I know that most probably I have to lump it and accept this unfair treatment by Iolo as a deal gone wrong. But unless people like you alert their readers, and the message gets through to Iolo. they will keep perpetuating their dirty business. Right?

  3. Foster D. Coburn III

    By your own admission, your purchase was eight months before we posted about this sale. So our post had nothing to do with your purchase. Your beef is with Iolo so please don’t try to blame us for their doings.

  4. Godfrey Farrugia

    Geez, man, nowhere did I blame you for Iolo’s cheating! Why are you saying this? Please don’t take it personal, all I criticized was Iolo, read again my two postings and you’ll see what I’m saying. However, if you insist with this line of reasoning then I give up. All I had in mind was your readers for any future posts. It’s up to you what you do with this info. You don’t need to respond.


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