Posting Photos Directly From Digital Camera Can Slow Web Site

August 11, 2015

When designing a Web site for a client, I am very flexible on how tasks are divided. If the client wants to make some changes on their own to save a little money, I have no problem with it. A few months ago I wrote Designing Staff Web Site Requires Information From the Staff.

The good news is most of the staff members got new photos and they now appear on the Web site. Below is an example of three staff members, but you’ll notice that the bottom of each picture does not display.


adrianaUnfortunately the photos that were taken of the staff were uploaded exactly as they came from the camera. As you can see from the information at right, the number of pixels in the image is 4608 x 3072 pixels and is 6 MB in size. So when you have pictures of several staff members, it takes quite a while for all of the photos to download.

The photos display at 200 x 200 pixels so it is best to crop and resample the photo to be 200 pixels square before uploading it to the Web site. This allows it to display faster and will be much smaller meaning the page loads a lot faster.

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