It seems like I look in the mirror every day and something has changed about my face. Either that or I just have a bad hair day every day. Since it had been a couple of years since I took my last promotional headshot, I thought it was about time to get another one.

Below you’ll see my 2013 headshot on the left and the 2015 version on the right. While both are good photos, the one on the right is far superior in my mind.


I have a nice camera, lighting and a good photographic eye. Unfortunately it is difficult to take a picture of myself. Recently I met someone who specializes in headshots and he needed some help with his Web properties.

Earlier this week I went to his studio for my new headshot. He has better camera equipment than me and much better lighting. Plus it was a lot easier for him to get the perfect shot since he could see me and direct me how to pose. Yes, the photo did receive some editing afterwards.

I’m a fan of putting my headshot on the design of the Arizona flag as it ties me to the state I call home. I also jokingly say that I’m the star in the middle of the flag. Overall I think the new headshot combined with the flag make a powerful branding tool for me. Leave a comment on the blog (please not via e-mail) and let me know your thoughts on the new headshot.

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