I was working on a new online project for a client and they wanted to promote a free cup of coffee campaign. After some research, I came across a really cool digital mockup of a cup of Starbucks coffee. Note that this mockup requires a newer version of Adobe Photoshop.

Within the Photoshop file, you have the ability to load the logo of your choice (or any other artwork) that will be rendered on the cup. When I first started, I only had a relatively good bitmap version of the clients logo. Below is the cup rendering using the bitmap logo.


Look carefully at the quality of the logo on the cup. This particular rendering included a drop shadow and the result looks pretty darned good. But I knew it would be better if I got a vector version of the company’s logo. Below is a second rendering where the vector logo was used. For the second rendering, I turned off the drop shadow so focus on the quality of the logo on the two cups.


Yes, there is also a color shift between the two. That’s easy enough to correct if the client requests a color change. I just wanted to share one more reason why it is so important to get logo artwork as vector. Even when the finished piece will be a bitmap file, such as this coffee cup, the vector art looks so much better.

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