One of my Web clients called recently and asked if I could change the address on one of their current specials. Sounds simple enough, but I didn’t have the artwork for the original and there was no easy way to simply replace the address. Below is the original special.


Unfortunately the address sits on top of wavy lines and trying to use the clone tool to rebuild the background would be extremely difficult. Plus the graphic was saved as a JPG file and the compression artifacts create even more problems. Thankfully I had their permission to redesign the ad from scratch.

From previous projects, I already had a graphic of the wide format printer and the 20% off badge. Searching through my artwork library, I found a better speedometer to use at the top right. For the background, I once again turned to the awesome AbstractCurves plug-in.

One of the most challenging tasks was rebuilding the logo and address since the artwork I had for the logo was a few years old. Does anyone else find it odd that getting current artwork from a print shop is so challenging?

There were some font changes to the logo and various elements had been given fountain fills to made them more three dimensional. It wasn’t difficult to create them, just took a little time. When all was said and done, I ended up with the new ad shown below.


It has the new address and I feel it has more punch than the original ad. Should they ask for more changes in the future, I now have original artwork to modify!

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