As more and more products move to our new sites, we can focus on adding new and updated products. One of the most popular products on our sites is the free Design Base Automation Plug-In. It had been a long time since the last update as there was a major new version in the works. Yes, you can still get Design Base Pro (v2.0) for free. For those who want even more features, you can purchase an activation code that unlocks color swapping, auto mock ups and the My Designs art management. Don’t want the extra features? Then it is still free.


Note that Design Base Pro is only compatible with CorelDRAW X5, X6 and X7. For those who are still using older versions of CorelDRAW, you can still download Design Base 1.5.8 for free and it works in CorelDRAW X3 and X4.

Along with the new versions of the Design Base software is a new package of artwork, the Mascots Pack. Of course there are other packs of artwork you can get to work in Design Base. Check out all the collections and get the ones that best meet your needs! All of these products are available for download immediately after purchase. Free products don’t require payment or payment information so they are available for download after you “order” them.

Many of you require some form of color separations and there are currently three products offered to help you get the best separations.

If you need to separate a bitmap to spot colors, you’ll love SimpleSeps Raster. It allows you to convert photos (or any other full-color bitmap) to spot colors directly inside of CorelDRAW!


There is also the powerful SimpleSeps SmartRIP for creating color separations and a halftone RIP. Users of CorelDRAW X6 and X7 will want to get SimpleSeps 4.0 Smart RIP while users of CorelDRAW X3, X4 and X5 will want to get SimpleSeps 3 SmartRIP. Both allow you to create separations in one click inside of CorelDRAW!

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