A little over a month ago, I wrote Facebook Hoaxes and Identity Theft. While the scams and hoaxes are different, way too many people are falling for them.

Once again I ask anyone posting anything on Facebook (or any other online outlet) to verify what they are posting is indeed true. Blindly posting these scams is what allows them to propagate.

I’ve seen quite a few women (mostly) post that they will be participating in the “Secret Sister Gift Exchange”. It sounds great as you only spend $10 on one gift and you get 36 gifts in exchange. Of course those posting it should remember the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Of course this is a scam! Once again, a quick look at Snopes will tell you it is false.

If you have posted about this or any other hoax/scam, please delete your posts so that it will not propagate any more!

Others have posted a quote from a law enforcement professional about “the most dangerous drug in the world” being put on business cards to disable victims. C’mon people, if this was truly happening it would be giant headline news on every television channel. I searched for the Burundanga drug on Snopes and it is false as well!

Another huge problem I’ve seen is where a “friend” is tagged in a Life Event along with a large number of other people promoting fake sunglasses or sports jerseys. The “friend” hasn’t really done anything wrong other than having privacy settings that allow the scammers to tag them. You should all update your privacy settings for tagging so that you don’t get tagged by these scammers. Should you get tagged, report the spammer to Facebook and remove the tag!

If I see posts propagating scams and hoaxes, I do report them to Facebook. It just amazes me that so many people allow these scams to spread!

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