Microsoft released their monthly Windows patches on Tuesday (November 9, 2015) and one of those patches is bringing a lot of reports of crashing from users of Microsoft Outlook. The patch in question is labeled KB3097877 and it is listed as a “Security Update for Windows X for x64-based Systems” where the X is replaced with your version number.

This particular update patched an exploit about how the operating system handles and displays fonts. While the only reports I’ve seen so far are related to Microsoft Outlook, it is quite possible this could cause problems with other applications. Outlook users are claiming it only happens when HTML formatted e-mails are displayed.

For now, the only solution seems to be to either not install this update or to uninstall it if has already been installed. Microsoft claims they are “currently looking into the issue.” As of this writing, the patch was still available for install on my main computer. This is one of the reasons I always wait at least a couple of days before installing updates.

Windows update kb3097877

Windows update kb3097877


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