Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace Goes Black, Site Move Soon

December 7, 2015

It was about two months ago that I told you The Big Makeover Nearing Completion. Since that announcement, we’ve moved a lot more content to our new sites.

Now the big changes are going to start happening. We’ve disabled all forms of payments in Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace because we don’t want anyone ordering from that site when it is so close to being shut down. In fact, all pages of Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace will automatically transfer visitors to the CorelDRAW Unleashed site since the vast majority of products have moved there. While there are still plans to move a few more products, many more will no longer be offered.

If you have purchased any product in Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace that requires a download, download it now. Once the site is moved, there will be no chance to download it. If you ask for a download after the site is moved, I’m sorry but we just can’t help you. It is important that you download the files to a secure location on your computer and you back it up. We also will have very limited purchase records after the site is moved as the entire database will be gone. It has been very expensive and not at all profitable for us to keep the old site alive as long as we have.

Now for the important date. The domain will be switched to the new server on December 21, 2015. Once that happens, the old site is gone forever.


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