Photos Unleashed Service Improves Photos at Fixed Cost

December 4, 2015

Most loyal readers are already aware that much of my focus has shifted towards providing services for Web design. When I first talk with a client, they always want to provide an exact cost before I have any understanding of the type of Web site they desire. Even after we’ve determined a plan for their site, it is very difficult to provide an accurate estimate of the time and costs involved.

There are aspects of a site that are much easier to define and estimate. One of my recent projects has been to define those services and make them available to everyone at a fixed price.

The first service involves taking original photos, performing a little of the Unleashed magic on them and return them to the client ready to post on their Web site. We offer the Photos Unleashed Service at fixed prices based on the number of photos you want processed. More photos provide a bigger discount.


While some users may have all of the photos ready to process right away, we also know some users may want to send groups of photos at different times while still wanting a discount. If you purchase 50 photos and only use 20 right away, we’ll be happy to process the rest when you are ready.

More fixed priced services will be on the way soon. We’re still defining what will be included and determining our best prices. Once they are ready to go, I’ll pass along more information.

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