Some of you use a mouse for all of your computer pointing needs. Many artists depend on a Wacom graphics tablet for their primary pointing device. And I’ve seen users with all sorts of other pointing devices over the years. For more than 99% of my pointing on my desktop computer, I use a Wacom tablet. When I’m doing graphics on my laptop, I also use a Wacom tablet. But for just surfing the Internet, I often use a mouse. I also find it very important to carry a mouse in my travel bag in case the tablet fails. Anything is better than the touchpad on the computer!

amazon-basics-mouseNo matter your reason for needing a mouse, you likely only need a mouse that covers the basics. It points and clicks. Even better if it is wireless so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a cord.

I’ve featured a number of “Amazon Basics” products in the past as they provide a good product as a very affordable price. That’s exactly what you get with the Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver. At a list price of $11.99 (which may be discounted lower), it is very affordable. It has buttons, a wheel and connects wirelessly with a small USB receiver (provided).

It does require a battery, but that battery can last a very long time if you remember to turn off the mouse when not in use. It isn’t the fanciest mouse available, but most of you don’t need anything fancy. It just gets the job done at a very reasonable price!

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