Unless you’ve been out of contact with the media over the past few days, you’re probably well aware there was a drawing for a $1.5 billion lottery prize. Clearly I didn’t win as I’m sitting here writing a blog post.

In addition to the drawings of random numbers, there are also “scratcher” tickets here in Arizona. You scratch off areas of the card and the right combination can lead to a nice (but not $1.5 billion) prize.

At a recent meeting of the Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, the head of the Arizona Lottery was a guest speaker. He talked about a contest they had each month for someone to design a new scratch ticket.

Since many of you are designers, maybe you have a design in mind that would boost sales of scratcher tickets in your area. If so, reach out to your local lottery office and see if they accept submissions. You might be a winner without even having to purchase a ticket!

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