I think many of us will sometimes judge a product’s capabilities solely on the name of the product. One such product for me is the eCut Designer Toolkit for CorelDRAW. As it has “cut” in the name, I immediately suggest it to users who have the need to cut from CorelDRAW.

Then I’ll get a question where someone will ask me if there is a way to do a particular task in CorelDRAW. If I know it isn’t a native feature, I’ll immediate check the feature list for eCut and often the necessary feature is on the list.

ecut-barcodeThe most recent question was the need to do a mail merge (print merge) involving barcodes. Of course it is on the eCut feature list. It supports numerous barcodes, QR codes and you can even use pictures.

Is eCut free? No, but there is a free trial that works for a few days so you can make sure it does what you need before purchase. And when you’re ready to buy, the price is very reasonable considering the huge number of features it adds to CorelDRAW. So give eCut a look, get the free trial and I think you’ll want to add it to your toolbox!

Learn about eCut!

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