I see “friends” getting their Facebook accounts hacked on a regular basis. It also is no surprise to me at which friends get hacked as they are often falling for blatant scams. When the latest scam got posted by a close friend, I warned the friend to delete it. What shocked me is that this friend questioned me about whether it was a scam. So I’ve got screenshots below of the fake page and the real page along with notes explaining all of the warning signs I saw.


First is the “fake” Facebook page and below is the real page. Let’s go over everything that is wrong.

Look at the URL of the page on each of the screenshots. The fake page has a bunch of numbers in the URL and the real one doesn’t.

Now look at the name of the “company” at the top of each page as well as on top of the cover photo. The fake one has a period at the end of the name. Plus the real one has a blue checkmark indicating that Facebook has verified it.

To the right of the cover photo you’ll see a list of years in which each has activity. No surprise the fake one only has 2016 while the real one has every year going back to 1999.

Look at the number of “fans” on each page. There are more than a million on the real one and 35,000 on the fake one.

In the left sidebar, look at the “About” section. Which one looks real to you and which one is blatantly fake?

Then look at the posts. The fake page has two giveaways listed, one for a car and one for airline tickets. That’s it! Of course the real one has a bunch of posts.

If I took even more time, I’m sure I could find even more red flags. Please look at what you are sharing before you share it. If you look, it isn’t hard at all to find red flags on the scams. The only thing this post is truly giving away is spam and a potentially hacked account!



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