I’ve had several people ask me questions about CorelDRAW X8. The first thing I want to make very clear is that I don’t even have a copy installed. Until I’ve used the software, I cannot provide my opinion on the software. Yes, I’ll get it installed soon. When I have actually used it, I’ll gladly share my thoughts.

Users Who Seriously Must Upgrade

As I talk to CorelDRAW users, I’m always shocked at how many users continue to use really, really, really old versions. Many of those same users complain the loudest when they switch to Windows 10 and find that their ancient version of CorelDRAW doesn’t work.

If you are using CorelDRAW X5 and older, you need to upgrade! No excuses are acceptable, you just have to do it. Those older versions just won’t ever work well on Windows 10, if they work at all.

Download CorelDRAW X8!

Upgrade Eligibility and Pricing

A few years ago, Corel changed the eligibility requirements for upgrade pricing. Now they’ve changed back to the old policy. If you have ever owned a full version of CorelDRAW in the past (not academic, home and student, OEM or some other special version), you are eligible for upgrade pricing. As some users were giving the price of buying a full version as a barrier to upgrading, you can’t lean on that excuse any more.

The Lack of a Mac Version

Immediately after CorelDRAW X8 was announced, Mac users arrived complaining there was not a native Mac version. I’d said this many times and the Mac users hate it every time I say it. There will not be a native Mac version because Corel has no financial incentive to do it. Of course the Mac users will give me all the reasons it is wrong. Folks, this is not my decision to make. It is just the cold hard reality that it is not going to happen.

If you want to use CorelDRAW X8 on a Mac, you need to install an emulator such as Boot Camp or Parallels. Yes, this means running Windows on your Mac. Many Corel employees do this and have great success with it. This is also one of the main reasons they have no incentive to make a native version as it runs so well with an emulator.

Mac users who are truly interested in running CorelDRAW can take advantage of a special offer on Parallels that runs through March 22, 2016. But if you must have a native Mac OS version, you’re going to be waiting a very long time.

Did It Solve This Specific Issue?

Another common question I’ll be asked is whether it solves the “crashing issues” of a previous versions. I don’t have crashing issues! In previous posts, I’ve written about a number of things I do to help my computer (and CorelDRAW) run smoothly. So if you are having a lot of crashes in whatever version of CorelDRAW you are using, I’m guessing there is something else at the root of the problem. Since I don’t have crashing issues, there is no way for me to answer if CorelDRAW X8 will solve your crashing issues.

Will There Be a CorelDRAW X8 Unleashed?

It was exactly three years ago that I wrote One Door Is Closing, Another to be Opened where I shared that there would be no more CorelDRAW Unleashed training DVDs. Nothing has changed and I’ve given zero thought to creating another title. I may update the CorelDRAW Success Kits to include information specific to CorelDRAW X8. But nothing is in the works right now as our business is focused on creating great Web sites for clients.

Download CorelDRAW X8!

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