Any time a new version of CorelDRAW is released, questions are asked about whether favorite add-ons are working well or if an update will be needed.

With the last few versions, there has been some change in the CDR file format that required a minor update to the popular clipart search utility ROMCat. Good news from the author who says “I’ve installed CorelDRAW X8 and have encountered no issues in using it with the current version of ROMCat.” So if you already have v6.4 of ROMCat (released just after CorelDRAW X7 came on the market), you should have no issues with CorelDRAW X8 files.

eCut Designer Toolkit is a very powerful tool, especially useful for those who need to cut from CorelDRAW. But it has a lot of features of use to users who will never do any cutting. So make sure to go over all the features to see if it is helpful to you. There is an update to the software that adds support for CorelDRAW X8. This update is available at no charge to those who already have a license to eCut Designer Toolkit 6.

I’m checking with the authors of other popular macros and add-ons to check their compatibility with CorelDRAW X8. As I learn more, I’ll pass it along.
Download CorelDRAW X8!

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