Last week I wrote about the Kindle Oasis, a device specially designed just for book reading. If you are looking for an e-reading device that also has tablet functions, there is a big sale going on with the Kindle Fire HD10 from now until Mother’s Day (to be exact, sale ends May 6, 2016).

The $179.99 sale price is a great price for a 10″ tablet. Part of the really low price is because Amazon wants more users as they feel they can earn more from you by selling other products. Another reason the price is so low is because it does not have some of the features found in the more expensive tablets.

fire-hd-10-product-shotThis particular tablet has a screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels which is fairly low when compared with high-end tablets. For an occasional user, this is a tradeoff you may be willing to make given the low price. There is 16GB of internal storage, though you can add up to 128GB more with a microSD card.

It is a very nice choice for reading Kindle books while also being able to run other apps for social media, email, media consumption and more. Plus it is thin, light and has a battery that lasts up to 8 hours. If you don’t currently have a tablet, it could be the perfect tablet to start.

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