kindle-oasis-beauty-shotI’ve been providing posts at least once a month with links to Kindle books that are available for free for a short time. You can certainly read these books on your computer, but it is a lot more convenient to read them on a tablet or a dedicated Kindle device.

Amazon has just released the latest device, the Kindle Oasis. It comes with a leather charging cover to give it a very long battery life and it feels as close as possible to holding a real book. How long does the battery last? It could be months!

This is not a color device and it doesn’t have all the tablet features. It does feature a 300 dpi paperwhite screen that is readable inside, outside or anywhere. So if you are a voracious reader who wants to read everywhere you go, this may be the perfect device for you!

Get Kindle Oasis!

If you are looking for a full-color device that also functions as a tablet, then you can get a 7″ Kindle Fire for only $49.99! This makes a great starter tablet as well as a handle device for reading Kindle books at a bargain price.

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