Your email is being filtered. Some of you will disagree strongly as did one user who refused to believe me when I declared it a couple of weeks ago. It is happening and you need to be aware of it.

When you send an email to someone, you expect it to be delivered. That is the goal of anyone sending email, even the slimiest of spammers. But the companies who provide mail services to you will determine what email actually arrives in your inbox.

At one point, the company that handled our mail server decided that all email coming from a massive hosting company was bad. Immediately we were unable to receive mail from important business contacts. Heck, we couldn’t even receive our own newsletter because the company that delivers it used the big hosting company. This is what I call brute force filtering where a few bad apples using that host cause a lazy company to block everything from that host.

I fought hard with our host to get that email delivered. It worked for a while until someone else was deemed unsavory. It was a never-ending battle and I knew I was missing large quantities of email. So we switched our provider and now we don’t have anything obvious being filtered.

None of this involves the dreaded “spam folder” as this is email that got filtered before it even got a chance to go into the spam folder. Even now there are a couple of clients whose email always lands in our spam folder. Clearly some of the brute force filtering is in effect, but thankfully we at least have a chance to pull it out of the spam folder.

This brings me back to the original message about your mail being filtered. A user was very vocal that our Web site was broken and was failing to send email. I knew it was a case of mail filtering and the user refused to believe it. Several days later the user admitted I was right and it was filtering. Their mail provider had used brute force filtering to block everything originating from GoDaddy servers.

So if you aren’t getting email that you are expecting, you really should make sure that the desired message hasn’t been filtered without your knowledge. And if your email provider uses a lot of brute force filtering then maybe you need to consider a different email provider that doesn’t blindly blacklist large numbers of senders.

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