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May 23, 2016

A week ago, I shared Evaluating Different Mailing Services and discussed that we were testing a new service to send mailings to subscribed readers. The tests all went very well and we have now migrated all of our lists and mailings to MailChimp. We were already familiar with the service from using it with some of our Web design clients. If you have a need to do mailings to your clients, we are very impressed with their offering. You can click the icon below for more details. Smaller lists can be sent absolutely free!

What does this change mean for you? If you had subscribed to one of our lists, your subscription was moved to MailChimp. As always, you have the ability to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive mailings. We find both the desktop and mobile versions of the mailing to be a huge visual improvement over our previous service. Yes, there are still ads, but they are far less intrusive and we control what ads are shown so they are far more relevant to our readers.


From the Graphics Unleashed Blog, there are two different subscriptions. One list receives an e-mail on each day when there is a new post. Typically we have new posts 4-5 days a week. It is possible there would be multiple posts on a single day and that means the e-mail would contain those multiple posts rather than multiple e-mails. This mailing is sent at 10am Mountain Standard Time (our time zone in Arizona).

A second mailing list is sent once a week and includes all posts from the Graphics Unleashed Blog over the previous week in digest form. This is a separate list and is our largest list. Some people subscribe to both, while the majority subscribe to this weekly e-mail.

Should anything really important happen, we have the ability to create a special mailing to either of the lists that would be separate from the normal blog posts. While this can be done, it will be used rarely and only if we feel there is something really important to share with you.

We also have two other lists from our sister sites, Web Design Solutions Unleashed and Vehicle Templates Unleashed. Each of these mailings is sent when on the day there is a new post. Typically these sites have only 2-3 posts per month so there would be fewer than a single e-mail per week. Below is a subscription form that allows you to subscribe to any of our lists easily.

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