This weekend marks the traditional beginning of summer. For many, that means spending more time by a lake or pool as well as on a beach. I’ve found some Kindle books that you can get for free so you have something to read as you sit by the water. If you need a way to read them, be sure to read Kindle Fire HD 10 Specially Priced for Mother’s Day. There is no catch to these free books as I explained in How to Read Kindle Books and Why are Kindle Books Free. Make sure to check out previous posts with free titles.

Each of today’s books is embedded so that if you click on either the cover graphic or the Preview button, you can read some of the book right in this window to help decide if you want to get a copy. Those of you reading via e-mail may not see the embed so make sure to read this post on the Web site to get the previews. All of the books listed below were free when this post was published, but it is possible that the offer will expire before you read the post. I’m sorry if you missed out on the free offer, but please understand it is out of my control. The description of each book comes directly from Amazon.

Rise of The Iron Eagle

When justice feels unjust, it’s hardly fair for a killer to live a long life on death row. “Rise of the Iron Eagle: The Iron Eagle Series Book One” gives readers a surprising anti-hero in the form of a vigilante killer. While the guilty beg his mercy, the Eagle extracts justice and, himself, becomes hunted…but should he be?

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Jim O’Brian and FBI Profiler Special Agent Steve Hoffman are hunting for a brutal serial killer; however, this case defies the profiling rules both men have been trained to detect. “The Iron Eagle” appears to only hunt and capture serial killers. Time is of the essence as with each passing day “The Eagle” gets more brazen. The deeper O’Brian and Hoffman dig into profiling the killer, the more they realize that this is more than a race against time – it’s a race laden with the realization that the killer may be one of their own.
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CXVI The Beginning of the End

Who will survive?

When the murder of a colleague is linked to a series of suspicious deaths, Detective Superintendent Greg Woods’ team are tasked with solving the mystery. New to the team is Maria Barnes, whose besmirched character sadly precedes her. However Woods quickly discovers there is more to the detective sergeant than meets the eye: her skill level, knowledge base, and investigative talents far outshine his own formidable qualities…

And why is the Secret Intelligence Service so interested in Barnes and the investigation?

It’s a race against time to stop the killer, but he’s meticulous, cunning and ruthless. He leaves the police and intelligence service questioning if they are all out of their depth…

When forces contrive against them, Woods’ life hangs in the balance and for the first time in his career he risks breaking the rules… He and Barnes decide to go it alone to uncover who or what CXVI really is… The shocking truth lies at the heart of the Government and is trapped deep underground.
Get CXVI The Beginning of the End!


Vanished is a chilling tale with a shocking conclusion, about the strange disappearance of a child…A schoolboy hurried along narrow deserted streets clutching a satchel of books under his arm. The murky winter twilight gathered stealthily around him. As he passed by the corner grocery store, he waved to the proprietor, who returned the greeting. He didn’t have far to go now; his home was just the third house down from the corner. Where, at that very moment, his mother boiled water for his tea. But he never made it. For somewhere in that short distance of just about one hundred feet, he simply vanished and was never seen again. Fifteen years later, the case still remained unsolved.

Bloodstreams in the Levant: On Terror and the Soul

Go inside the mind of jihad and war. Through a gripping novella and poems, Bloodstreams in the Levant engages with war, terrorism, radicalization, and the soul.

The novella “A Militant Downfall: Souls in Terror” follows the journey of an Arab-American boy named Khalil Najem, who joins a militant Islamist group in an Arab country mired in civil war. Opening with his torture and interrogation, Khalil is first interrogated by the brutal Arab officer Said Zabih. He is then interrogated by an American named Jon de Maistre who has been sent there to recover him. Because of his father, Khalil must be retrieved – or terminated. To make that determination, de Maistre deconstructs his mindset, why he would willingly come to a war. In the process, the process of radicalization, alienation, jihadism, self-delusion, and the narratives that constitute it all are explored.

The Lailly Worm

A chance to live again, love, and fight back–if Caroline Brecher’s spirit can survive… A man who loves her, but knows the battle is not only for justice but for the woman she had been…

“Caroline Brecher is every woman–and human being–whose courage and will to live and love again are tested when the unimaginable–and unendurable–strikes out of nowhere.”

To Caroline Brecher, her weekend house in fashionable East Hampton is a symbol of success and the reward of hard work. Arriving on a perfect August afternoon, she doesn’t care that she has no social plans, no date, no visitors. But suddenly she does have visitors–terrifying visitors, and her life becomes a surreal torment, “the perfect torture of a woman…”

Will the soul-destroying ordeal ever end? Is there escape? Can what has been done to her and her very concept of herself as a woman ever be avenged? Can the love of a tough ex-Marine who conceives a passion for Caroline save her–even from herself–as their affair blazes into life in the presence of deadly danger?

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