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Keeping Your Accounts and Data Safe

Most users have unsafe computing habits. This leads to their accounts getting hacked, their identity being stolen and other very costly attacks. One of the worst are the constantly changing variants to the Cryptolocker infection.

safeSo how do we fix and/or avoid this? First and foremost, you have to use a strong password! If you can say your password without looking it up, it isn’t strong enough. And for those of you with two to three “goto” passwords that you use everywhere, you are a hackers dream. Yes, it can be a bit of a hassle to have really strong passwords. But I’ve said over and over that Roboform solves this for you! It creates good passwords, stores them and works on all your devices.

In many cases it is perfectly safe to click a link in an e-mail. Just scrutinize the e-mail a little bit before clicking. If it is from a financial institution that claims something is amiss in your account, do not click! This is especially true if they don’t use your full name in the e-mail. Go directly to the financial institutions Web site and you’ll likely find that nothing is wrong.

If an e-mail is from a friend or even a company that doesn’t seem out of the ordinary and it has an attachment you weren’t expecting, don’t open the attachment! You can always ask the sender if they meant to send you an attachment. If you are frequently sharing files, use a tool like Dropbox and then you don’t have to worry about e-mail.

It drives me a bit crazy that so many of my connections on social media are constantly sharing hoaxes, click bait junk and other items that should be avoided. Anything that begs you to share (or copy and paste) should be avoided at all costs. It is click bait and often is bogus! Quizzes that claim that very few are intelligent enough to answer are designed to get everyone thinking they are super smart and beg to be shared.

Just share photos you’ve taken and posts that you have written yourself and you’ll be a lot safer. Of course it is the people who are constantly sharing junk who soon find their account has been hacked.

I do a lot of online shopping whether it is for business or personal. My purchases have been from online giants and from the smallest of the small online businesses. I’ve never had an issue with my credit card (or PayPal account) being compromised. Online shopping is perfectly safe as far as I’m concerned. If you see something that seems too good to be true, it is probably way too good and a trap for your financial information. Just use a little common sense when shopping!

Software That Can Help

One of the tools that has always kept me safe is ZoneAlarm. I wrote about the ZoneAlarm 2016 products last fall if you want to get the security tools that protect my computers. Another tool that can help keep your computer running smoothly is System Mechanic and it has a special 70% sale for the rest of June 2016.

Get a massive 70% off either System Mechanic 15.5, or System Mechanic 15.5 Pro. Coupon code: FATHERSDAY

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  1. Foster, I agree 100% with your comments regarding secure passwords. The longer and more complex the better. Roboform has been around for a long time and is an excellent tool to manage, safely store, automatically perform your logins and form filling, and supports all of your device platforms with a single secure database. It is worth every penny!

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