Since SVG is the vector format of the Internet, it is more common to receive vector artwork in SVG format. While CorelDRAW can import SVG files, it often has a little extra junk that I want to eliminate.

Below is a screenshot of the Object Manager Docker right after the SVG file has been imported.


You’ll notice that the group and every object within the group starts with _418257176. It isn’t harming anything, but it does make each entry longer. This file only has 10 objects so not a huge deal. But there is a quick way to get rid of all of them. Immediately save the file to Corel’s CMX format and they’ll magically be removed. Below is the Object Manager Docker after re-opening the CMX file.


You’ll note that now each object is preceded by the word “Curve” instead of the long number. There may be times when there is more extra stuff with an SVG file and this little save to CMX and re-open trick is a quick way to get rid of it.

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