I’ve talked about various cameras in the last few months. Some were very low end and a couple were nice consumer cameras. Today’s camera is on the high end and it comes with a price tag to match. But if you are looking for a top of the line digital camera, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV should be one you consider seriously. Note that it doesn’t start shipping until September 8, 2016.


Back in 2007 I got the original EOS 5D and this is the fourth generation. So as I look at the specs, I see how much has changed. Mine shoots 12.9 megapixels and this new version is 30.4 megapixels. That’s a LOT more detail! Mine doesn’t shoot video at all and the Mark IV shoots 4K video at 30p or 24p.

There are quite a few more points of autofocus and the ISO can go all the way to 102400. Sure, there may be some noise at the highest values but mine doesn’t get anywhere near that without noise. If you need to shoot in low-light, the higher ISO values are perfect for you.

To shoot with a remote trigger, I had to get a cable release. Now the WiFi in the camera can work with your Android or iOS phone to shoot remotely. The WiFi can also be used to transfer images across a network. NFC can also be used to transfer images to Android devices. Plus the GPS allows you to geotag photos so you know exactly where a photo was taken.

If you already have Canon lenses, the default configuration is the camera body only. But if you want to get a lens with the camera, there are two different kits available. If you aren’t already used to all of the settings on an SLR camera, I highly recommend you budget some photography classes so you can get the most from this awesome camera!

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