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Free Windows 10 Updates Over, Anniversary Edition Coming

For a year, Microsoft allowed most users of Windows 7 and 8.1 to upgrade for free to the equivalent version of Windows 10. If you already made the jump, there is no cost for any future updates. Those who didn’t upgrade will have to pay for a Windows 10 upgrade. How does Microsoft make money off of Windows 10? Well, you still have to pay to have it installed on a new computer and large organizations still have to pay for a license.

Now that the free upgrade is over, it is time for the first major update to Windows 10. It arrives tomorrow (August 2, 2016) though it is possible it may take a few days to trickle out to all Windows 10 users.

Before you attempt to install the Anniversary Update, make sure your machine is ready for it. Backup your computer! Did I mention you need to backup? Yes, you really need to backup!!! Make sure you have at least 15 GB of free space on your system drive so there is enough space for it to download and install.

What can you expect in the Anniversary Update? I don’t have it so I can’t personally give you a list. But I can provide links to a comprehensive overview from both PC Magazine and USA Today.

While the list of new and improved features may not get you excited, it is definitely an update you should install sooner rather than later. Why? Because there are also security updates and it is important to have those installed to keep your computer safe.

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  1. It seems that Microsoft has not sunset the free update despite the deadline passing. Regular upgrades to Windows 10 will still proceed from Windows 7 or 8; Microsoft has also left a free upgrade path open indefinitely for users accessing it via the Assistive Technology portal. The monetization is now via the telemetry of users and SaaS which is thoroughly integrated into W10.

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