I love my digital cameras and I sometimes try to use them to take photos in a tight spot. Need a serial number off the back of something? I take a photo rather than trying to crawl behind it and try to read the tiny numbers. But there are some places your smartphone or digital camera can’t go. In those cases, an endoscopic camera is the answer.

What the heck is that, some of you might ask? It is a tiny camera at the end of a 5 meter cable. You plug it into your computer, tablet or phone with a USB plug. The camera is even surrounded by LED lights so that you can illuminate the subject of your photo. Even better, it is waterproof!


The picture above shows the cable as well as a zoomed in view of the multi-purpose USB plug. In the diagram below, it shows the different types of devices you can use with the camera.


Now if you need to see something in a tight spot, use the 5 meter cable to get either 720p video or a 2 megapixel photo. It even comes with a mirror to help you see even more and a hook to help grab something. A very cool and useful gadget at a bargain price!

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